Project Description

#1 SEO and Marketing

Between 2010 to 2014, we created a highly-successful website and provided Rank 1 SEO for an Oil & Gas company, Bentek Systems / SCADALink.

As a certified Google Partner, we provided the client with the most successful SCADA-related marketing campaign world-wide between 2011 and 2014. Our work includes, but not limited to Oil & Gas B2B marketing, SCADA-related marketing, Search Engine Optimization, business development, Adwords management, website services, and corporate branding.

Combining our engineering and marketing expertise, we authored and edited all the site content, immaculately custom tailor the design and product pages to create a comprehensive and effective website where each new page is immediately searchable and commands the top positions of search engines.

Engineering, Industry, and Marketing Expertise

We inspect and analyze massive amounts of traffic data, and provide highly-informed engineering and industry information to our clients. With our engineering and marketing expertise, we develop and execute highly-successful marketing strategies based on the data.

Our highly successful Search Engine Optimization, marketing initiatives, and strategy combined to a total of over 1000% increase in web traffic.

Marketing Strategies and Business Development

One industrial marketing strategy we conceived was an immensely successful service that is accessed by hundreds of field workers daily: The Online LSD Conversion Tool.

We proposed that the client convert and provide their deprecated LSD conversion desktop software online. Our software engineering experience provided us with the knowledge that converting the Java software to an online tool would be quite simple; thus, converting a deprecated software to a useful marketing and advertising tool, provided exceptional ROI.

When the software was brought online, it effectively brought in hundreds of hits per day to the site, renewing interest in the deprecated desktop software, while incurring little development cost, and providing return daily on very small amount of investment.

Product Nomenclature and Search Engine Optimization

We provided consultation on product nomenclature to improve brand recognition and online marketing. Each new product we did work on have all been launch successfully, creating immediate interest from online visitors that lead to higher sales.

Using our knowledge in engineering, we created highly-targeted SEO and Google ads, resulting in immensely successful results. Our expertise in Search Engine Optimization has shown unparalleled results in obtaining number 1 search ranking for numerous SCADA-related searches world-wide. Some searches even span the entirety of the top 3 searches on Google!

The screenshots below are based on results between 2011 and 2014

Graphic Design and Professional Product Photos

ENSEO ONE was responsible for all graphic design for the company. Professional cameras and measuring tools were used to take quality product pictures. We provided graphic design and photography service for all web graphics, tradeshow banners, brochures, documentation graphics, and system / technical diagrams. A variety of tools such as SmartDraw, Photoshop, and Google Sketchup were used to illustrate industrial solutions. Since then, we have upgraded our software to include state-of-the-art 3D Engines to create industry videos and high-fidelity 3D graphics.

Product Manufacturer Marketing Banner
Product Manufacturer Marketing Banner

Adwords Management for Industrial Products

ENSEO ONE managed Adwords campaigns for industrial radios and SCADA-related products. With over 12 years of engineering experience, we immaculately optimize each individual Google Adwords advertisement to provide the highest degree of effectiveness in targeting oil and gas customers, reducing cost-per-click, and vastly increasing web traffic and sales.

Proposals, Technical Documentations, and Plant Audits

With our experience in engineering, we author and edit a wide-range of documentation for technical products and services. We create templates and layouts, draft, edit, and approve proposals, technical product / systems documentations, datasheets, and large-scale SAGD plant audits.

Our expertise in the documentation process allows us to create professional outgoing documents and internal documents. We also format all DOC and PDF files to look professional and optimize them for Search Engines.

SEO and Business Tip: Having well-formatted layout and searchable documentation is imperative in having a strong online presence. Professional documentation displayed online gives visitors the sense that the company is credible, trust-worthy, and provides quality, robust products and services.

Copyright Infringement Resolution

The website we built for Bentek Systems was such a success that led to many competitors copying the site code and professional images. ENSEO ONE managed the DMCA take-downs and resolving Copyright Infringements.

Programming and Product Development

We can also help develop your industrial products! We are experienced in firmware / software programming (C, Assembly, and Java), with hundreds of successful installs of robust automation products we designed and implemented. We programmed automation products such as the SCADALink RIO100 and the SCADALink RIO900 for SCADALink, the GlobalEye GEM for GlobalFlow, and PSAM Remote Units for Concept Controls.